Unleashing the power of magnesium for an active lifestyle

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Unleashing the power of magnesium for an active lifestyle

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Magnesium, also known as the mindfulness mineral, is currently gaining popularity as people seek new ways to relax. It is becoming a key ingredient in products designed to improve muscle relaxation for better sleep.

However, magnesium can sometimes create a metallic taste in products and often requires consuming many tablets or capsules to get the recommended dose, which can be off-putting for consumers. As awareness of magnesium's importance for health grows, new formats are being developed to make it easier to consume.

In this webinar, we will introduce MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules, a highly concentrated microencapsulated magnesium source that provides all the benefits of magnesium without the issues of low absorption or poor palatability.

Join this webinar to learn more about MAGSHAPE™ and its role in promoting health and wellness in convenient delivery formats.

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Isabel Gómez Isabel Gómez Global Marketing Manager
Lubrizol Life Science, Nutraceuticals

Alan Connolly Alan Connolly Global R&D Manager
Lubrizol Life Science, Nutraceuticals

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