As a health nutrition pioneer, Aminolabs has the expertise, the technology and the drive to make you and your customers perform better. With our innovative and customer-oriented approach, we design concepts and products that fit you and help you make a difference in healthy snacking and active nutrition. Let's put you on the right track!

Whatever you are looking for. We find the right solution that appeals to your customers. Capsules, powders or tablets. Our employees help you establish the form, flavour and packaging that fits you best. We even create a dedicated production environment for your project.

Aminolabs is passionate about health and nutrition. We follow the latest trends to develop and produce the purest, healthiest and tastiest sport powders, capsules and tablets. Our aim? To support and facilitate the success of our customers! We are dedicated to constantly improving our processes and meeting the highest quality and food safety standards. This is the best guarantee of long-term partnerships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

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