AstaReal AB

AstaReal AB

AstaReal AB is a pioneer and world leader in research based natural astaxanthin health products. Marketed under the AstaREAL® ​brand, our superior range of products are approved for use in dietary supplements, food and cosmetic applications.

AstaReal was the first company in the world to commercially produce natural astaxanthin from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis​. AstaREAL® products are backed by unrivalled experience in the field of microalgae research and production.

AstaREAL® ​natural astaxanthin is produced in a state-of-the-art facility. The algae are grown indoors in stainless steel Photo bioreactors under carefully controlled and hygienic conditions. Our cultivation technique results in astaxanthin of the highest concentration, purity and quality available on the market.

We offer a range of superior bulk products to fit different applications. In addition, we have developed a range of finished formulations containing AstaREAL® that support a number of health areas.

Over 400 peer-reviewed studies on astaxanthin have been published worldwide. AstaREAL® ​natural astaxanthin has been used in the majority of these making it the worlds most studied brand of natural astaxanthin.

With clinically validated benefits for skin health and anti-aging, muscle endurance, immune function, eye health, cardiovascular health and brain health, AstaREAL®​ natural astaxanthin is an essential addition to your product portfolio to address the many opportunities within the anti-aging markets.

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