Atlantia Clinical Trials

Atlantia Clinical Trials

Atlantia Clinical trials is the world-leading microbiome CRO. For over a decade they have delivered clinical results to nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharma companies around the world. They strive to offer the highest quality science while maintaining a cost-conscious approach to maximise the value proposition.

Their state-of-the-art clinic sites both in Ireland and the USA ensure they can offer multicentre multinational studies of all design types, across a broad and diverse array of health areas and product portfolios. Their highly qualified and dedicated team manages all aspects of the clinical project and guides sponsors through the entire process. As they own and operate their own clinics all of their ICH-GCP certified team are on hand to ensure research data is of the very highest quality and integrity and in strict accordance with the protocol.

Some of their extensive clinical areas are healthy ageing, gastrointestinal function and disorder, physical activity and sports performance, nutritional investigations, stress and cognitive health and decline, cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome, bone and joint health, immune function and microbiome dysbiosis of the gut, skin, vagina and oral cavity.

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