Nektium is an innovative botanical ingredients company that discovers, develops and commercializes science-based, branded botanical ingredients. Through the close integration of the departments of R&D, production and QA, Nektium provides seamless research-based solutions to the nutraceutical industry since 1997. 

Branded ingredient portfolio
The in-house new product development and innovation team investigates the chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology of traditionally used medicinal plants and carries out discovery and preclinical studies. Randomized controlled clinical trials are carried out in collaboration with CRO´s and renowned University partners to pave the way for innovative botanicals in Nektium´s portfolio:

Zynamite​ is an award-winning, patented and clinically studied botanical extract for mental and physical energy
Rhodiolife​ is Nektium´s standardized and clinically studied extract of the adaptogen Rhodiola rosea, wild harvested from the Siberian Altai mountains
Xanthigen​ is a patented, clinically studied, proprietary weight management formulation

Located in Spain, in the heart of the Canary Islands, our state-of-the art technologies combine the best traditional extraction processes, using only pure water and food grade ethanol. Gentle extraction methods, evaporation and separation technologies to concentrate and purify our products, and low temperature spray drying allow us to produce botanical extracts with the best natural phytochemical profiles. We are able to offer the swift, personalized service we pride ourselves on because all departments and manufacturing facilities are under one roof including production, quality assurance, analytical laboratories, and R&D.

Sourcing of raw material
With carefully selected raw materials, our internal quality control laboratory performs numerous protocols, procedures and analyses in the production of a single batch to guarantee you the highest quality, natural ingredients.

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