Purextract is a French-based Company, leader in the extraction process of highly purified pine bark extract….not only!

For over 65 years, Purextract has offered the market its unique and unrivalled expertise in the purification of Pine tree molecules:

- R&D team started to work on Pine Phytosterols in the early 50’s
- Sophisticated and advanced technology in the pine bark extraction has been implemented in the 70’s to extract OPCs from the bark of Pinus Maritima.

Today, Purextract portfolio includes premium ingredients such as:

- Non GMO Pine Bark Extract (Oligopin™)
- Non GMO Pine Phytosterols ( Phytopin™) with an EFSA plant sterols & stanols allegation for its contribution to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol level.
- Grape Seed extract ( Vitaflavan™)
- Olive Leaf extract ( Effialine™) with an EFSA allegation in the prevention of LDL oxidation
- Unique customized ingredient requiring advanced technology according to your specifications.

With a high level of quality and purity, Purextract ingredients contribute to the effectiveness of many end products.

Our ingredients efficiency is backed by scientific studies (anti-oxydant activities,  CVD’s, circulation, melano genesis inhibition, prostate health and hair loss prevention)

Contact us to know more about the ingredients which will make your end product efficient and unique.

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