TSI Group

TSI Group

TSI Group is a global company dedicated to innovation in the development and manufacturing of dietary supplements and promoting healthy lifestyles. We have multiple manufacturing and research facilities, offices in 8 countries and a sales presence in 35 countries around the world.

TSI Group boasts worldclass researchers and has relationships with universities and government institutions to continuously innovate and move the health and wellness of individuals forward. With our discovery and development of new ingredients, our pursuit of better ways of making traditional ingredients, and the creation of innovative delivery forms, our tagline "Healthy Begins Here" says it all.

TSI Group is comprised of three divisions working together with one goal—to create value for our brand partners and their customers. Within the Ingredient Solutions, Innovative Products, and Contract Manufacturing divisions, we have teams of researchers, scientists, regulatory specialists, and product development experts—each working in tandem to help create solutions for improving health.

Our company has a drive and passion for discovery. And, though we began as a glucosamine company and developed a worldwide reputation as the Glucosamine Experts™, we are constantly evolving and adding new products and services. Our branded ingredients and delivery formats are of the highest quality, pre-audited and compliance-ready.





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