Microbiome modulation

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Qina reveals top 10 trends in personalised nutrition

By Nikki Hancocks

Personalised nutrition experts at the Qina consultancy have revealed a top tends report, unveiling a ChatGPT take-over, a merging of food and pharma, an entrance of big tech firms, and new abilities created by at-home blood draws.

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Intake of plant compounds linked to lower COVID-19 risk

By Olivia Haslam

Individuals who consume higher amounts of specific plant-derived compounds, such as polyphenols and particular types of lignans and phytosterols, are at a reduced risk of contracting COVID-19, a new study by authors from Poland has concluded.


Oral-gut connection a “crucial component” of human health

By Olivia Brown

A new review spotlights the vital bidirectional communication between the oral and gut microbiomes and their combined involvement in the development of conditions such as irritable bowel disease (IBD), highlighting unique prospects for targeted health...

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Dietary microbes & probiotic pills linked to better cognition

By Stephen Daniells

Increased intake of beneficial bacteria from fermented foods and prebiotic and probiotic dietary supplements are associated with better cognition, says a new analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

News Round-Up July 2023

News roundup: July 2023

By Olivia Haslam

This month, the industry has encountered environmental campaign concerns, regulatory hinderance, nutrition recommendation improvements, and an abundance of research.


Flavanols: A "valuable component" for gut barrier integrity

By Olivia Brown

Flavanols can protect and restore gut barrier integrity following exposure to stressors such as obesity, and gut-related disorders such as coeliac disease, but future research should look to reveal personalised differences in bioavailability.


Probiotics may regulate glucolipid metabolism, review finds

By Olivia Brown

A new meta-analysis and systematic review finds that supplementation with Lactobacillus and/or Bifidobacterium may significantly decrease BMI, fasting glucose, insulin, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

July NPD Launchpad

July NPD Launchpad

By Olivia Brown

Mid-summer launches have seen substantial additions to the plant-based category, with supplements to support women’s and cardiovascular health, whilst the consumer demand for novel protein sources continues.

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Connection between autism and the microbiome established

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

A growing body of research suggests that what happens in the gut can affect the brain – a connection known as the gut-brain axis. A lot of prior research has suggested – inconclusively – a connection between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the gut...

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Bimuno prebiotic may boost immune health for elite rugby players

By Stephen Daniells

Supplementing the diet of elite athletes with prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) may reduce the duration of upper respiratory symptoms and support gut health, says a new study that may improve the athletes’ availability to train and compete.

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