Adipose Tissue

Codium fragile (Dead Man's Fingers) is a source of siphonaxanthin

Carotenoid from green algae shows ‘potent’ anti-fat activity

By Stephen Daniells

A carotenoid from green algae called siphonaxanthin may inhibit the development of fat cells and the build-up of fat in fat tissue, suggests new research from Japan. The compound could be a novel ingredient for use in weight management supplements, said...

ASA: “In light of the possible limitations of the methodology used, we considered that the study was unlikely to be sufficiently robust to support any weight loss claims.

ASA ruling

UK sensors homeopathic weight loss claims

By Nicola Cottam

The UK’s advertising watchdog has lambasted Slenderiiz UK for making insufficiently robust medicinal and weight loss claims on its website for its herbal homeopathic supplements - Slenderiix Drops and Xceler8 Drops.

Resveratrol shows fat cell shrinking potential: Human data

Resveratrol shows fat cell shrinking potential: Human data


Thirty days of supplementation with resveratrol were associated with a reduction in the size of fat cells, with genetic tests showing various pathways for fat breakdown, researchers from the Netherlands report.


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