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HMO milk concentrations linked to baby growth at age five

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HMO milk concentrations linked to baby growth at age five

By Nathan Gray

The concentrations of specific human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk have a significant impact on growth in early childhood, and later risk of obesity, say researchers - adding that findings may inform product development and therapeutic opportunities...

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Tocopherol source may affect breast milk vitamin E profile, says study

By Adi Menayang

The vitamin E alpha-tocopherol is imperative to a baby’s nervous system development, and they primarily get this from breast milk or formula. In a clinical trial, researchers from Abbott Nutrition found that there might be a difference in how synthetic...

'By defining the role of the HMOS, it helps to understand how human milk protects infants, which has been used by breastfeeding advocates to say human milk is really good for babies,' says researcher. ©

Unlocking the anti-inflammatory power of breast milk

By Louisa Richards

Researchers have urged further investigation into the anti-inflammatory of galactosyllactoses, which are present in human breast milk during late pregnancy but rapidly decline over early lactation. 

Mary Ellen Sanders:

Japanese dairy backs bifidobacteria

By Anne Bruce

Scientists have called new discoveries from leading Japanese dairy product company Morinaga Milk Industry on popular probiotic genus bifidobacteria, “an interesting first step”.

Breast milk probiotic launched in Australia

World first: Breast milk probiotic launched in Australia

By Shane Starling

Spanish supplier Biosearch Life is finding success with its patented, immune system-boosting and mastitis battling probiotic isolated from human breast milk in a world-first product launched in Australia this year.

Breast is best for baby microbiota

Breast is best for baby microbiota, study finds

By Nathan Gray

Consumption of maternal breast milk promotes the development of a different – and more beneficial– set of gut bacteria than infant formulas, according to new research.


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