Available in six-count packages, Babybel Plus+ Probiotic and Babybel Plus+ Vitamins launch at US retailers next month. Pic: Babybel

Babybel goes functional with vitamins and probiotics

By Jim Cornall

To meet the rising consumer demand for functional products in 2021, Babybel is introducing a new range of functional dairy snacks in the US this month in two varieties, Babybel Plus+ Probiotic and Babybel Plus+ Vitamins.

“This project could support the development of a profitable business for camel owners in the arid areas of Africa and Middle East, and it will provide ideas for the development of new products.”

Danes back nutrient-rich African camel milk expansion

By Nicola Cottam

Danish supplier Chr Hansen has launched a forum to disseminate and share information on camel cheese and milk production to generate global support and potential revenue for small-scale camel owners in Northern Africa.

Emmi on track

Emmi on track

After a year of acquisitions and the launch of numerous innovative
products, Swiss dairy group Emmi is well on track to meet its
growth targets for 2003.

Waste not, want not

Waste not, want not

The nutraceutical industry could soon be using ingredients recycled
from the waste produced by cheese makers and other food
manufacturers. Australian scientists have designed a patented
method to extract nutrients from whey and other...

Good news for cheese fans

Good news for cheese fans

It looks, tastes, and smells just like cheddar cheese, but cannot
be called cheese because of its special cholesterol-lowering
ingredient. Developed by scientists in Cambridge University, the
first so-called hard cheese containing...


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