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Scientists discover how choline enters the brain

By Danielle Masterson

The human body needs the essential nutrient for cell membrane synthesis, epigenetic modification, neurotransmission and more. However, how it enters the brain has been a mystery—until now.

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Paper highlights safety of some weight management ingredients

By Danielle Masterson

With weight loss supplements under attack in several states, researchers rebut with science. The authors of a new paper examine the safety of six ingredients, a move they hope will encourage since-based decisions.

Balchem's choline, USP only

Balchem's choline, USP only

Balchem Encapsulates said it will now be offering only USP-grade
choline chloride and choline bitartrate to customers. The company's
products have received a quality recognition from the United States
Pharmacopeia (USP) which...


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