ICD said WHO is, “tending towards pulling back from collaboration with major food companies”.

When you say NGO, they say conflict of interest?

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

The World Health Organisation (WHO) decision to grant NGO status to a malnutrition-battling business alliance raised eyebrows this week, so what do organisations have to do to gain and keep such a status?

Got a gastric bezoar? Grab a Coke! (Picture Copyright: The Coca-Cola Company)


Not gettin’ far with that gastric bezoar? Grab a Coke…


Coke drinking is an effective first-line treatment to dissolve ‘gastric bezoars’ or indigestible masses that form in the stomach after foreign material accumulates there, according to a new Greek study.

What to expect in 2013 – predictions


What to expect in 2013 – predictions for the year ahead

By Mark Astley

Well…..wasn’t 2012 an eventful year for the dairy industry. Milk prices were up and down, Western dairy processors were forced to look East for growth opportunities, and even Coca-Cola tried to get in on the popularity of value-added dairy. But will these...

Global healthy foods to hit $1 trillion in 2017: Report

Global healthy foods to hit $1 trillion in 2017: Report

By Shane Starling

The global functional, allergen-free, organic and other healthy foods market will push through the $1 trillion (€770m) mark for the first time in 2017, as consumer interest in preventing illness via foods snowballs, says Euromonitor International.

Coke backs SATIN satiety project to battle obesity

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Coca-Cola bites into EU-backed obesity project

By Shane Starling from Geneva

What is the world's biggest carbonated beverage company doing in a European Union satiety research project? Why, collaborating to battle obesity of course…

Coca-Cola in hot Vitaminwater over claims (again)

Coca-Cola in hot Vitaminwater over claims (again)

By Shane Starling

Vitaminwater, the enhanced water brand Coca-Cola acquired when it paid $4.2bn for New York-based Glaceau in 2007, has come under fire for its claim-making once again, this time in the UK.

Functional Diet Coke anyone?

Functional Diet Coke anyone?

By Clarisse Douaud

Coca-Cola North America has announced its plans to launch Diet Coke
Plus, a carbonated calorie-free beverage with the added value of
vitamins and minerals, that could put the concept of functionality
at the front line of the soft...


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