The project will use an obese mice model to show how phages could be used in early life to ‘push’ flora from an obesity-associated composition to one associated with normal weight. ©

Denmark funds microbiota research on ‘probiotic’ phages

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

A University of Copenhagen research project into the use of phages to manipulate gut microbiota is one of 164 “promising projects” to receive funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF).

FMC set for Danish innovation centre boost

FMC set for Danish innovation centre boost

By Eliot Beer

FMC Corporation will open a new European Innovation Center in Denmark next year,  creating a hub for its technical and material experts to improve product development.

'The athletes who used Hydro 365 versus placebo which was just a normal sports drink had a significant improvement in their performance. It was a 17-second improvement over a 4 km run test, ' said  Lindsey Ormond from Arla.

Dispatches from HiE, Amsterdam

Athletes may recover faster with HYDRO.365: Study

By Anna Bonar

Endurance athletes consuming sports drinks containing whey protein hydrolysate could see an improvement in performance, a Danish study has found.

Beware internet vendors bearing unauthorised glucosamine gifts

Denmark clamps down on glucosamine products

By Shane Starling

The Danish Medicines Agency (DMA) has issued a warning against illegal glucosamine medicines being sold on a Danish website owned by a Danish national based in Singapore.


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