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Between 2010 and 2014, ANSES received 1565 cases of adverse effects through its nutrivigilance scheme, 76% of which related to food supplements. © / badmanproduction

French nutrivigilance priorities for 2016

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The French food safety authority will be putting the spotlight on risks associated with joint health supplements, energy drinks and spirulina this year.

Zinc to benefit from health claims game

Special edition: Innovations in minerals

Zinc benefitting from EU health claims game

By Shane Starling

Used in cigarette filters, as a corrosive, pigment and in the manufacture of rubber and concrete, zinc forms like zinc oxide and zinc suphate are also important nutrients for physiological wellbeing. And 18 new European Union health claims – the most...

ANH-EU has joined other trade groups in condemning the NHS report's anti-supplement conclusions...and the motivations of its author

ANH slams NHS supplements report

By Shane Starling

The Alliance for Natural Health Europe (ANH-EU) has slammed a recent UK National Health Service (NHS) report which questioned the effectiveness of most food supplements as the statement of an increasingly politically motivated body.

EU VMS maximum levels draw closer

EU VMS maximum levels draw closer

By Shane Starling

A meeting held yesterday in Dublin has confirmed European Commission/European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientific safety substantiation principles in the setting of maximum permitted levels (MPLs) for vitamins and minerals in food supplements.


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