Dna Damage

French firm claims its supplement decreases sperm DNA damage. ©iStock/koya79

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French firm seeks male fertility health claim

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is assessing a health claim linking a multivitamin, mineral and botanical mix and male fertility following an application from French firm Laboratoire Nurilia.


Nutrition linked to sperm DNA quality

By Nathan Gray

Nutrition and diet have again been linked to the quality of male sperm, with a new study revealing that high micronutrient intakes is ‘strongly’ associed with improved sperm DNA quality in older men.

Grape seed extract shows cancer promise: Mouse study

Grape seed extract shows cancer promise: Mouse study

By Nathan Gray

Polyphenol rich extracts from grape seeds could help to fight of cancers of the head and neck whilst leaving healthy cells unharmed, according to the findings of a ‘dramatic’ new animal study.

Cop on to bone health

Cop on to bone health

Taking copper supplements had a protective effect against oxidation
in erythrocytes in older adults, according to new European
research, investigating the role of the trace mineral on human


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