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Pectin: Health claims and labelling

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Pectin: Health claims and labelling

By Stephen Daniells

Whether pectin will ever be more than a gelling agent and
stabiliser and be labelled as a health ingredient depends on
science and money. In the second part of an in-depth special
series, FoodNavigator examines the health claims for...

Hooked on Es

Weekly comment

Hooked on Es

This comment was amended to correct a statement about bans
of additives in other countries. Some of the chemicals were
previously banned by Norway, Austria and Australia but those bans
have since been removed. Allura red AC, tartrazine...

Could the E-number be up?

Weekly Comment

Could the E-number be up?

The European Food Safety Authority's review of additive safety
could have a bigger effect on the ingredients industry than the
ejection of certain colours and flavours with a suspect safety
record. It could give the natural ingredients...


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