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Sports nutrition growth spoiled by ‘wrong and immoral’ marketing

By David Anderson

The global sports nutrition industry is forecast to leap in size from $28bn in 2016 to $45bn in 2022 but the industry believes its growth is being stymied in Europe by restrictive regulation while critics argue the industry is still undermined by some...

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Sports nutrition regulation has improved but is still uncertain: ESSNA

By Emma Jane Cash

Regulation for sports nutrition has had a long and winding road over the last decade but there are still issues that need addressing, says European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) vice-chair Stuart Shotton ahead of his talk at Vitafoods 2017...

'There is a clear dichotomy between those interested in performance optimisation and health optimisation...' ©iStock/kieferpix

'there is a risk that brands alienate their core consumers'

Sports nutrition 2.0: The category is playing a dangerous game

By Shane Starling

Sports nutrition has long-expanded beyond its hardcore niche to become a global multi-format, multiple demographic, multi-billion euro behemoth – but is everybody winning in the game of sports nutrition 2.0? We asked sector expert Nick Morgan from Sports...

'We actually don't have a main competitor in this space' ©iStock/kagenmi

Firm champions sports nutrition on another (genetic) level


Beverly Hills-based FitnessGenes is bringing its DNA-driven personalised nutrition concept to sportspeople at all levels – and has moved across the pond to the UK and Europe. Is the sports world ready for personalised nutrition?

ESSNA: 'Consumption patterns in our sector are greatly varied depending on type, frequency and intensity of exercise.' ©iStock

ESSNA: Sports nutrition needs vitamin exemption

By Shane Starling

The European sports nutrition industry wants exemption from vitamin and mineral minimum levels required for some foods to claim healthy status – it says the levels are too high for many sports food consumption occasions.


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