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Extreme diets for carbs and fats linked with higher risk of mortality

By Oliver Morrison

In findings that suggest that people should pursue a balanced long-term diet rather than heavily restricting their carbohydrate or fat intake, researchers in Japan found that a low carbohydrate intake in men and a high carbohydrate intake in women are...

Scientists create water-based butter spread

Scientists create butter-like spread with 80% water

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Cornell University food scientists have created a low-calorie butter-like spread that consists of 80% water and minuscule drops of vegetable oil and milk fat, mimicking the look and texture of dairy butter without the use of artificial stabilizers.

Processed palm oil contains particularly high levels of 3-MCPD. © iStock/scanrail

EFSA increases safe levels for contaminant 3-MCPD

By Niamh Michail

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has more than doubled the tolerable daily intake (TDI) for the contaminant 3-MCPD, linked to reduced male fertility and kidney damage.

Healthy fats make leaner kids, says study

Healthy fats make leaner kids, says study

By Nathan Gray

Children who report eating more polyunsaturated fatty acids are leaner and have lower body fat percentages than those who consume higher amounts of saturated fats, say researchers.

Krill oil shows lipid-lowering potential: Mouse data

Krill oil shows lipid-lowering potential: Mouse data

By Stephen Daniells

Supplementing the diet with fish oil and krill oil can beneficially change cholesterol levels, but only krill oil was found to reduce triacylglycerol levels, suggests new data from lab animals.

Sterculic oil is extracted from seeds of the Sterculia foetida tree. Photo credit: K. Montgomery/Uni. of Missouri

Plant oil may counter obesity-related issues: Study

By Stephen Daniells

Oil extracted from the seeds of the Sterculia foetida tree may reduce belly fat and help protect against obesity-related issues, suggests new data from the University of Missouri.

Fat digestion images point to improved formulation

Fat digestion images point to improved formulation

By Stephen Daniells

Netherlands-based scientists have reported data for the real-time digestion of fats containing ingredients like vitamin D3, insights that could advance the formulation of foods.


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