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EU food producers have six months to phase out the use of titanium dioxide. Pic: GettyImages/UltimaSperanza

The countdown to phase out E171 in EU foods has begun

By Gill Hyslop

Titanium dioxide (E171) - a popular additive that confers a bright white shade to frosting and cake decorations - has been banned as a food additive in the EU, with a six-month phasing out period coming into force this month (January 2022) after which...

EFSA advises the European Commission on a food supplement additive that could take adults over safe limits for magnesium. ©iStock/vchal

EFSA warns additive may bring adults over the magnesium limit

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Trimagnesium dicitrate anhydrous (TMDC) is a safe stabiliser and anticaking agent in solid and chewable food supplements, but consuming too much may take adults over safe upper limits set for magnesium, warns the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Spirulina faces legal questions

Spirulina faces legal questions

By Elaine Watson

Spirulina, the blue colour from algae used in Nestlé’s Smarties, is one of 10 substances used to colour food that faces an uncertain future as its legal status is scrutinised.


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