Food Security

Malnutrition must be conquered, say FAO

Malnutrition must be conquered, say FAO

By Emma Jane Cash

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has called upon both companies and consumers to work towards ending malnutrition in all forms.

Increasingly, the definition of 'food security' is expanding to refer to a secure food supply for all - not only the undernourished

Beyond malnutrition: Food security means food supply


Food security is not just about hunger and poverty – it must move into the mainstream as the challenge of feeding nine billion people comes into sharper focus, according to the European Commission.

Malaysia enlisting world experts to develop food policies

Malaysia enlisting world experts to develop food policies

By RJ Whitehead

With obesity and diabetes on the rise in Malaysia, the country has been working to bring together domestic scientists with their international counterparts and institutions in the hope of mitigating the problem.

World Food Day focuses on raising awareness of poverty and hunger

World Food Day

Food security is an industry issue, says Worldwatch expert

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The food industry could be a powerful player in ensuring food security - and that makes sense from both an ethical and a business perspective, according to Danielle Nierenberg, director of the Nourishing the Planet project at the Worldwatch Institute.

A menu for American food policy

A menu for American food policy

At the time of writing, the US is poised to go to the polls. The next two days are going to be hugely exciting. And when it’s all over, after the victor gets some well-earned rest… he’ll rub his sleepy eyes and ask: ‘What’s for breakfast?'.

GM: Breaking the stalemate

Weekly comment

GM: Breaking the stalemate

Food industry voices are joining those of politicians in the GM debate, hailing the controversial technology as the answer to the food supply crisis. But the hearts and minds of consumers must still be won.


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