Gestational Diabetes

'...this can be a first line therapy to women with impaired glucose control during pregnancy.' ©iStock

Preloaded: Medical macro-nutrients show diabetic benefits

By Lynda Searby

The first clinical study testing medical nutrition therapy as a treatment for gestational diabetes has yielded positive results for Swedish biotech firm Indevex, demonstrating that its patented ‘Preload’ macro-nutrient blend is effective in controlling...

Nestlé files patent for the combination of probiotic strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 with myo-inositol. © / KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Nestlé makes moves on pregnancy probiotics

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Nestlé has filed an international patent for the combination of myo-inositol and probiotic strains for pregnant and lactating women and women looking to get pregnancy – a move which marks the second pregnancy probiotic filing from the company in a year.


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