Vitamin D plus olive oil could aid muscle repair

Vitamin D plus olive oil could aid muscle repair

By Tim Cutcliffe

While vitamin D is best known for its strengthening effect on bones, it may also help repair muscle fibres when consumed in conjunction with extra-virgin olive oil, new rodent data suggests.


Lab notes

A glance at sports nutrition science/NPD

By Will Chu

More energy, better concentration, increased strength, longer endurance, swifter recovery - sports nutrition science never sleeps. We scan developments.

Rejected L-carnitine dossier missed key data, says abject researcher

EFSA health claim opinion

Veteran L-carnitine prof: Rejected dossier literature is 'out of date'

By Shane Starling

A highly peeved, 30-year veteran L-carnitine researcher has written to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) calling on the agency to alter its rejection yesterday of an L-carnitine, article 13 health claim dossier that apparently was loaded with...

Carbery boosts whey response

Carbery boosts whey response

By Shane Starling

Irish dairy and ingredients group, Carbery, is promoting research employing its hydrolysed whey protein ingredient, Optipep, that it says demonstrates its superiority to regular whey protein in terms of insulin response.

Creatine goes the distance

Creatine goes the distance

Creatine supplementation is not only useful for high intensity
athletics but could also significantly boost performance of long
distance runners and those involved in sports taking place over
several days, suggests a new study from...


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