Heart Disease

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Watermelon supplements found to benefit obese mice: Study

By Danielle Masterson

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that watermelon byproducts positively alter glucose levels, the gut microbiome, and inflammation in lab mice. Now researchers are ready to take their findings to human studies.

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Ginger linked to healthier hearts: Study

By Stephen Daniells

Daily consumption of ginger may reduce the risk of many chronic conditions, including high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, says a new paper from Chinese researchers.

Foods with artificial trans fats should be considered adulterated

Foods with artificial trans fats should be considered adulterated

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

There is a pile of evidence linking artificial trans fats with heart disease, so why is it still in our food? It’s time to get real and recognize that artificial trans fat is an adulterant with no place in the global food supply.

The turkey toll

The turkey toll

By Clarisse Douaud

The turkey's gone, except for the bits still wrapped up in the
fridge ready for sandwiches. So does that mean you're off scot-free
from the caloric carnage of Thanksgiving Day? Unfortunately,
nutritionists say "no".

The business of food safety

Weekly Comment

The business of food safety

One cannot envy the chief executive faced with a scientific study
that casts doubt over the efficacy or safety of his core product.
But avoiding a sales slump, media vilification and even charges of
fraud means squaring up to such...


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