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CBD, climate crisis, sustainability: ABC takes a look at 2019 and beyond

By Stefan Gafner and Mark Blumenthal, American Botanical Council

The news about CBD and hemp extracts dominated 2019, says the American Botanical Council. But issues surrounding the ongoing climate crisis, questions of sustainability, and the ongoing questions of adulteration were important topics as well.

Knowledge base of herbal products sector is waning, pioneer fears

Knowledge base of herbal products sector is waning, pioneer fears

By Hank Schultz

As the herbal products industry develops the question arises of whether some of the knowledge that drove the initial spate of creativity in the pre- and post-DSHEA period is being lost as founders retire. At least one industry pioneer fears that is the...

Medicine or food?

“Shoddy” herbal safety study slammed for bias

By Shane Starling

A study that found 75% of herbal products on sale in the UK were not adequately labelled with safety information has been criticised for mischaracterising the majority of products it assessed like ginseng, ginkgo and St John's wort.

Ginkgo: One of five herbs that needs to improve safety messaging, according to researchers

Study questions herbal safety messaging for 75% of products

By Shane Starling

A UK study has found 75% of a sample of marquee herbal products in the UK do not contain safety information about documented side-effects – at least before May’s introduction of the European Union Herbal Directive.

The ANH wants to see the THMPD in court over the treatment of herbal products in the EU

NGO set to file THMPD legal challenge by end of March

By Ben Bouckley

Non-governmental organisation ANH-International is set to file its legal challenge to the controversial Traditional Herbal Medicines Product Directive (THMPD) at the High Court in London by the end of March, NutraIngredients.com has learnt.


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