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Krill fishery reports reveal eco-efforts a success

By Nikki Hancocks

Krill harvester Aker BioMarine has received an A-rating for its fishery sustainability for the fifth year running, only days after an international report found more krill in its fisheries than in 2000.

Naturexit: French player ends its krill processing presence. © iStock

Botanicals giant kills krill JV


French herbals giant Naturex has quit a joint venture with krill major Aker Biomarine stating the move is part of its strategy to “concentrate on our core businesses”.

Richard Henfrey, chief operating officer Blackmores

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe

Blackmores: We wanted to see krill sustainability with our own eyes

By Hank Schultz

Blackmores, the leading supplement brand in Australia, has taken the unusual step of sending a company representative on a two week-long trip to verify the sustainability practices of Aker BioMarine, the world’s largest harvester of krill used to supply...

Aker's krill trawler, Saga Sea. Backed by MSC. Photo: Bjørn Krafft

Krill sustainability backed in 18 month review


The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has backed the sustainability of Norwegian firm Aker Biomarine’s Antarctic krill fishing activities, with improved scores.

Asian krill boom drives krill joint venture

Asian krill boom drives krill joint venture

By Shane Starling

Australian, Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese and other Asian consumers are driving rising demand in omega-3 source krill to levels that have prompted Norwegian krill supplier, Rimfrost, to ink a production-boosting joint venture.

Friends of the Sea backs old and new krill players

Friends of the Sea backs old and new krill players

By Shane Starling

Sustainable seafood NGO Friends of the Sea (FOS) has backed the oldest and biggest krill oil supplier, Canadian krill player Neptune Technologies and Bioressources, along with the newest player in the omega-3 sub-sector, Norwegian firm, Rimfrost.

Krill growth is forecast to match or exceed the rest of the omega-3 sector at 10%+

Special edition: Omega-3

Krill set for continued omega-3 stardom

By Shane Starling

The nascent but rapidly growing krill sector is set to match or exceed 10+% point growth forecast for the entire omega-3 sector, even as public awareness remains relatively low and sustainability questions – justified or otherwise – refuse to go away.

WWF on krill:

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

WWF on krill: "World’s largest under-exploited fishery"

By Shane Starling

Krill provides only a small link in the omega-3 supply chain, but the sustainability of the Antarctic fishery is regularly brought under the spotlight, often unfairly says the WWF.

Aker hopes GOED membership will aid krill expansion

Aker BioMarine joins GOED

One of the world’s two leading krill oil suppliers, Aker BioMarine, has joined the leading marine-sourced omega-3 trade group, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED).

Over-fishing no threat to krill harvest, says industry

Over-fishing no threat to krill harvest, says industry

By Mike Stones

Krill harvesting in the Southern Ocean is sustainable, despite fears that super swarms of the tiny crustaceans could lead to over fishing, claim two companies which rely on krill to make omega-3 rich nutraceutical products.

Making a krilling

Making a krilling

The tiny crustaceans best known as whale fodder are making a splash as a nutrient-rich marine-sourced alternative to fish and algae in the omega-3 market. Tina Sampalis, PhD, chief science officer at leading krill player, Neptune Technologies & Bioressources,...


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