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ChatGPT's nutrition advice is limited for NCD patients: Study

By Olivia Haslam

ChatGPT is “unable to replace a healthcare professional’s consultation”, new research has concluded, following an assessment of the chatbot’s ability to handle prompts for nutrition advice for patients with multiple noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

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Review: Antioxidants and biotics offer benefits for MAFLD patients

By Nikki Hancocks

Antioxidants and pro-, pre- and synbiotics may be promising in the treatment of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) but the benefits of fatty acids and vitamin D are less conclusive, according to a new review and meta-analysis.

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Researchers use cocoa to tackle obesity in mice

By Danielle Masterson

Dietary supplementation with cocoa can improve obesity and obesity-related comorbidities, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.


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