The Commission will have to think again and come up with another proposal on how to define and label nanomaterials

Rejected nano labelling law goes back to square one


The question of how to define and label nano-scale ingredients will return to the drawing board, after the European Parliament rejected the Commission’s proposed regulation on Wednesday.

Nanotechnology in food: What’s the big idea?

Nanotechnology in food: What’s the big idea?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Let's get talking about nanotech. The science of the very small has filled the food industry with big ideas – but industry is torn on how to present nanotechnology to consumers, stalling product development.

Defining nano: Size does matter

Defining nano: Size does matter

The Atlantic Ocean separates continents; it also separates schools of thought on the definition of nanotechnology. In order to educate manufacturers and consumers on nanotechnology a definition is critical.

Think big, think nano

Think big, think nano

In an exclusive interview, Professor Niels Christian Nielsen,
winner of this year's Danisco Award, shared his thoughts with
Stephen Daniells on the rise of nanotechnology and gave insight on
this fascinating new area of the food...


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