EFSA rejects probiotic cold claim

EFSA opinion wrap: Pomegranate, carob, coffee rejected. Vitamin D approved

Claim chill: EFSA rejects probiotics for immunity, defecation


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected probiotic dossiers from Canadian firm Lallemand Health Solutions (immunity) and Italian player Synbiotec (defecation) in a batch of opinions published today.

Heated exchange: “This draft opinion has not reviewed a single study that was submitted…it really should not be published in its current form,

BASF-Stepan CLA claim rejection fall-out

EFSA: Only national bodies can withdraw health claim applications


The EU’s central science agency has clarified health claim procedures after a furore over a CLA weight management submission BASF and Stepan Lipid Nutrition unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw from the system earlier this year.

Not enough beta-palmitate, youngster?...

Mud in your eye: EFSA rejects vision and stool claims


Replacing vegetable oils with an esterified vegetable oil in infant formulas will not soften infant stools, and a choline form will not boost vision, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found.

EFSA rejects 6 article 13.5 opinions

EFSA rejects 6 article 13.5 health claim opinions

By Shane Starling

EFSA’s health claims panel has rejected 6 article 13.5 health claims for two digestion-focused probiotic submissions; cranberry and UTI; a potato extract and weight management; krill and menstrual discomfort; and fizzy water and GI response.

Lutein does not help maintain normal vision, EFSA has said for the third time. But was that the applied-for claim?

EFSA health claim opinion

Baffled and rejected lutein players: 'EFSA did not evaluate our eye claim'

By Shane Starling

Lutein partners DSM and Kemin may submit an article 13.5 lutein-eye health claim dossier after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) this week rejected the carotenoid for the third time – but first they want EFSA to explain why it changed the claim...

L. casei

EFSA rejects Lactobacillus casei probiotic gut health claim

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) this week rejected 74 probiotic health claim dossiers it had been sent for a second reading after many of them were initially turned down for reasons such as inadequate strain characterisation. Its rejection logic...

French fat reduction firm to resubmit after EFSA health claim failure

French fat reduction firm to resubmit after EFSA health claim failure

By Shane Starling

Ceprodi KOT, the French diet firm that had an article 13.5, abdominal fat reduction health claim rejected by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in September, is already preparing a new submission that will focus on “cardiometabolic health”.

EFSA has looked favourably on beta-glucan science


“EFSA was very constructive” says oat beta glucan health claim winner

By Shane Starling

CreaNutrition has praised European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) feedback it received over 2.5 years that helped the Swiss supplier achieve a positive article 14 health claim opinion linking oat beta-glucans and reduced cholesterol levels.


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