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Personalised nutrition: Exciting opportunity or costly distraction?

By Nikki Hancocks

We are yet to see clear evidence that personalised diets based on omics provide better outcomes than generic healthy diets, and these cutting-edge and expensive services could be distracting us from dealing with the "nutrition elephant in the room"....

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Guest Post

Poking the bear: Nutrition Integrated discusses 'vegan collagen'

By Nick Morgan

'Vegan collagen' is an emotive topic with polarised opinions but Nick Morgan, owner of Nutrition Integrated, has chosen to tackle it head-on with this guest article in which he discusses the emerging sub-category, with a proposed proactive route...


ChatGPT: Should we be scared?

By Nikki Hancocks

ChatGPT has many of us intrigued and nervous in equal measure but James Collier, co-founder of Huel, asks if this tool is any more scary than the current situation with “nonsense nutrition content” touted across social media by pseudoscientists.


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