Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity


Brunswick Labs confirm Green Cell ORAC claims

By Shane Starling

South African extracts specialist, Green Cell Technologies (GCT), has had its ORAC claims verified by Brunswick Laboratories, the reputed third party tester.


Green tea extract specialist defends 1m+ ORAC measures

By Shane Starling

South African herbal extracts specialist Green Cell Technologies (GCT) has defended the antioxidant measures that showed its green and rooibos tea extracts could deliver ORAC values of around 1,700,000 per 100g.

“One of the problems with antioxidants is that there is no differentiation, and this clearly isn’t working.” - Prof. Jeff Blumberg

Special edition: Antioxidants

Differentiation holds the key to antioxidant success: Expert

By Stephen Daniells

In the third part of our series on antioxidants, NutraIngredients talks to Jeff Blumberg, professor of antioxidants at Tuft University, and finds out why we need differentiation in the antioxidant field.


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