Pomegranate extract may benefit eye health, study finds

Pomegranate extract may benefit eye health, study finds

By Olivia Brown

A new study suggests that Euromed S. A.’s pomegranate extract, Pomanox (PMX), may exhibit significant anti-inflammatory benefits within an in vitro model of human reconstituted corneal epithelial cells.

Getty | Rotislav Sedlacek

Pomegranate extract study reveals promise in weight loss category

By Nicola Gordon-Seymour

Consumption of pomegranate leaf extract (PLE) and pomegranate juice (PJ) can increase satiety, satisfaction, and fullness, and reduce the desire to eat, indicating their potential in weight loss therapy, according to a trial conducted by researchers at...

Nano-pomegranate shows anti-cancer potential

Nano-pomegranate shows anti-cancer potential

By Stephen Daniells

Bioactive compounds from pomegranate may self-assemble into nanoparticles with gelatin, and exhibit efficacy at stopping the growth and spread of cancer cells, says exploratory research from the University of Florida.


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