BLIS K12 is part of a portfolio of clinically documented bacterial strains for supporting our natural immune defense and preventing infections of the mouth and throat.   Image © Jan-Otto / Getty Images

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Probi announced 1st production batches of dairy-free BLIS K12

By Stephen Daniells

Probiotic player Probi has completed the first commercial production batches of a dairy-free BLIS K12 at its US manufacturing site, with the new BLIS strains available shortly to customers around the world.

Probi and Viva5 announces joint probiotic venture

Probi and Viva5 announces joint probiotic venture

By Will Chu

Swedish-based firm Probi and Viva5 Group are to enter into a partnership that looks to focus on developing a range of probiotic-based products for the functional food and beverage sector.

'We strongly question the way this opinion has been treated by the panel,' Probi writes to the European Commission. ©iStock/roibu

'We find it strange ‘methodological limitations’ claimed by the panel were not specified'

‘Highly unsatisfactory’: Probi takes claim complaints to EC

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The European Commission has asked the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to consider concerns raised by Swedish supplier Probi about the treatment of its rejected probiotic health claim.

'Should this conclusion persist – the conclusion would have to be that it can’t be possible to get a health claim for probiotics,' says Probi CEO after claim rejection. ©iStock/benjaminec

'We won’t take this as the final outcome. We spent too much time, too much money.'

310th probiotic claim rejection: EFSA throws out Probi claim for iron absorption

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded there is “insufficient” evidence to claim a probiotic can help boost iron absorption – but applicant Probi says it won’t take no for an answer.

Probi: “We see this collaboration as an important step in our future product development.”

Probiotic chief: “[Collaboration] could be part of the puzzle for health claim applications”

Swedish firm engages Wageningen to reveal probiotic mechanism of action


A Swedish probiotic player has enlisted Wageningen University to research probiotic mechanisms of action in the area of inflammation – work Probi’s CEO told us could yield a sector-defining health claim.

Probi's latest Indian deal will see probiotic capsules launched in the last quarter of the year

Indian market shows Eastern promise for probiotics

By Lynda Searby

Indians are dosing up on probiotics to counter gastrointestinal health problems, reports Swedish biotech company Probi, as it announces a deal that will see its Probi Digestis probiotic formulation dispensed to millions of Indian consumers.

New agreement for Probi

New agreement for Probi

Swedish biotech company Probi has signed a licence agreement with
the Australian probiotics supplier Health World, giving the
Australian firm the right to market products containing one of
Probi's patented bacteria on the Australian...


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