Eight food industry players have already signed up to the project. © iStock

Just how nutritious are sustainable proteins?

By Niamh Michail

The need for sustainable proteins is on the rise, but are they as healthy and nutritious as their mainstream equivalents? A public-private partnership (PPP) coordinated by Wageningen University aims to determine just that, and is on the lookout for more...

Sage advice: Grow 'slowly, surely, safely'.  One of Nexira's offerings ©iStock/zeleno

Nexira plots 4-year growth era as it returns to family values

By Lynda Searby

After becoming fully family-owned and independent last week, French botanicals and ingredient player Nexira is chasing sales of €150-€160m by 2020 with acquisition, Asian expansion and boosted health and nutrition activity front-and-centre in its plans.

For athletes, getting enough protein has been problematic (©

Special edition: Protein perspectives

Probiotics flex their muscles to enhance protein efficacy

By Will Chu

Protein has long been touted as the prime functional food ingredient that is able to deliver improvements in athletic performance and recovery, stave off loss of muscle mass with ageing and help with weight control.

'If you ask industry they are going to say their protein is great. That dairy is great and we should never stop eating dairy,' says Wageningen researcher. Image credit: / marekuliasz

Dispatches from fie 2015

Busting the myth of the magic superfood protein

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Insects, ancient grains and algae. There is no such thing as a perfect protein and we must bust this myth of the ultimate ‘superfood’ protein, says researcher.

‘No success model’ for new protein ingredients

‘No success model’ for new protein ingredients

By Eliot Beer

Novel protein ingredients face a difficult future with too many barriers to entry to make success likely – but there are brighter prospects for Quorn and some potential for insect protein in animal feed, says Giract.

High-protein yoghurts have risen in popularity, including non-fortified Greek yoghurts which have a natural fit to the high-protein halo.

Special edition: Protein

Mainstream keen on protein foods (but supplements still rule)


Protein has been hot for some years and shows no sign of abating in the near future as diet trends flip in protein’s favour from largely discredited low-fat to lower-carb/higher-protein regimes and a broader health halo around various protein forms.

BHJ Ingredients has merged with two other companies to become Essentia Protein Solutions

45 new jobs at BHJ Ingredients following merger

By Nicholas Robinson

BHJ Ingredients has created 45 new innovation roles after merging with two US sister companies to form Essentia Protein Solutions, its coo Asger Jacobsen has revealed.

Datamonitor Consumer: 'High-fiber' claims will start to take increasing prominence as consumers become more aware of the negative effects on digestive health from over-consumption of protein'

Special Edition: Powered up and packing nutritional punch

Fortification future? Fiber will rise, protein will fall...

By Rachel Arthur

High-protein foods have evolved into a mainstream category with snacks standing strong, but the trend will start to lose its muscle to high-fiber so industry will have to be clever, says Datamonitor Consumer.

Probiotics benefit protein absorption but emerging research  is hinting at other benefits for sports performance

Cultured views from Probiota 2015 in Amsterdam

Game on: Probiotics & sports performance


Clinical data is building around the role of probiotics to aid athletic performance – from recovery to muscle development to immune defense. We spoke to a leading researcher at Probiota in Amsterdam this month…

Special K Protein delivers 10 g protein per 22 serving - made possible using wheat gluten, soy protein isolates and added lysine

Dispatches: AACCI annual meeting 2014

Kellogg NPD scientist: Protein has plenty of challenges

By Kacey Culliney

Cereal and plant proteins hold huge potential for breakfast cereal and snack bar fortification but taste and texture remain challenging, say Kellogg’s lead product development scientist.

Startup uses bioinformatics to pry open the power of waste peptides

Startup uses bioinformatics to pry open the power of waste peptides

By Hank Schultz

“I am large, I contain multitudes,” poet Walt Whitman famously observed. He could have been talking about the potentially valuable proteins that are lost daily in the waste streams of ingredient operations for want of knowing what they are and what they...

Plant or animal: A global protein snap shot

Special edition: Amino Acids and Protein

Plant or animal: A global protein snap shot


From gym powders and shakes to German ‘evening’ breads to ‘brogurt’ – high-protein yoghurt marketed at men – to the rise of Greek yoghurt in the US, protein bars, meat substitutes and good ol’ ‘trad’ dairy – protein is powering right now.

Protein is moving away from sports nutrition and toward mass market appeal

Special edition: Amino acids and protein

Beyond the gym: Is satiety the next frontier for protein?

By Nathan Gray

While building muscle may take centre stage for protein ingredients, there is a mass of potential health benefits from increasing protein intakes, and increasing satiety may be the next big thing.


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