The best natural sources of fibre may include less ripe bananas, pasta, pulses and potatoes. It is of note that wholegrain versions of starchy foods (e.g. wholewheat bread) contain more fibre than refined versions. ©iStock

Fibre’s impact on gut & metabolic health studied

By Will Chu

Fibre’s positive influence on health has been further reinforced in two studies, which point to its functional capabilities as a prebiotic, metabolic manager and inflammation reducer with few if any side effects.

Cocoa wins antioxidant prize

Cocoa wins antioxidant prize

US food scientists have shown that the hot beverage cocoa contains
more antioxidants per cup than a similar serving of red wine or
tea, much touted for their disease-fighting potential. This could
make cocoa a healthier option than...

Bring on the beer!

Bring on the beer!

A beer a day may help keep heart attacks away, according to a group
of Israeli researchers. In preliminary clinical studies of a group
of men with coronary artery disease, the researchers showed that
drinking one beer every day for...


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