Judy Buttriss, director general, British Nutrition Foundation

BNF: Iodine is one to watch

By Judy Buttriss

Recent media coverage about historical iodine levels in organic milk (according to Dairy UK, feed is now supplemented) was a reminder that milk and dairy foods provide about 40% of dietary iodine, another major source is seafood.

Iodine: EFSA proposes 150 µg per day for adults

Iodine: EFSA proposes 150 µg per day for adults

By Shane Starling

The EU’s central science agency has proposed an adequate intake (AI) level of 150 micrograms (µg) for adults in a draft opinion published today and open to public consultation.

Iodised salt has helped to reduce iodine deficiency globally, but is not currently used in the UK.

UK population may be iodine deficient: Study

By Nathan Gray

The UK population may now be iodine-deficient, warranting a full review and evidence-based recommendations to safeguard public health, according to new research.


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