Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

German herbal cold remedy debuts in US

German herbal cold remedy debuts in US

By Hank Schultz

German OTC health products manufacturer Pohl-Boskamp is bringing a respiratory health supplement to the US market after decades of market history in the EU.

Leiber unable to prove that 0.45 g of Yestimun twice a day guarded against the common cold

EFSA rejects Leiber’s beta-glucan common cold health claim

By Oliver Nieburg

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected a 13.5 health claim linking Leiber’s beta glucan Yestimun to defence against the common cold, but the company is gearing up for another application after claiming the regulator has been inconsistent.

Yakult wants a word with the NDA about its rejected probiotic immunity claim

Yakult: EFSA must recognise cold symptoms

By Shane Starling

Japanese probiotics giant Yakult says its recent EFSA probiotic health claim rejection discounted peer-review validated respiratory tract health measures, and called on the European Commission to facilitate a discussion on the matter.


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