Vitamin A Deficiency


WATCH NOW: Gates Foundation funded study develops ‘unique nutrient-delivery system’

Fighting malnutrition: Could new nutrient delivery strategy help billions of people?

By Nathan Gray

A unique new nutrient delivery system, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, could help billions of people suffering from malnutrition by improving the way iron and vitamin A are fortified into foods, say those behind the project.

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Notes from Nutrition 2018 in Boston

Study links vitamin A levels to infant growth

By Adi Menayang

A study presented at the Nutrition 2018 conference in Boston suggests that adequate vitamin A levels may support infant growth—and that one Midwestern city may have a vitamin A ‘public health problem.’

100m malnourished people receive Vitamin A oil

100m malnourished people receive Vitamin A oil

A German government-industry programme has succeeded in delivering vitamin A-fortified oil to 100 million malnourished people – especially children – in developing countries who use it regularly to cook with.


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