Cargill launches new soy isolate for beverages

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US food giant Cargill is launching its new soy isolate, Prolisse
500, across Europe, in response to growing demand for soyfoods and
high protein products.

Per capita consumption of soya-based drinks and desserts in Europe has grown by over 20 per cent in 2002 and is currently as large (valued at €1.3 billion) as the per capita consumption of meat-free and tofu products in Europe, according to a recent report from Netherlands-based organisation Prosoy​.

The popularity of soyfoods is being driven by growing consumer awareness of soy's health benefits, particularly its role in lowering cholesterol. In the UK, the Joint Health Claims Initiative supports the use of a health claim stating that when at least 25 grams of soy protein a day is consumed as part of a diet low in saturated fat, it can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

The emerging popularity of the high protein Atkins diet in the UK has also boosted sales of soy products.

Prolísse 500, from Cargill's Soy Protein Solutions division, will join a number of soy ingredients launched in recent years to meet new demand. But the company claims that its patented technology has achieved a breakthrough in taste, creating a bland-flavoured isolate that does not give beverages the soy beany taste.

It also has good solubility and smooth mouth feel, well-suited to a variety of beverages including dairy-like, juice base, energy and weight-loss products, according to Cargill.

Alex Luneau, European general manager of Cargill Soy Protein Solutions, says: "Prolísse 500 is packed with protein and low in fat and has excellent sensorial properties."

The ingredient was launched in the United States last year and is already used by numerous food and beverage manufacturers in successful products.

It complies with all EU legislation on GM and labelling and is alsoavailable in a non-GMO and lecithinated version.

Contact Alexandre Luneau at Cargill​ on + 31 20 580 1379 for more information.

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