Whey plus HMB boosts recovery more than whey alone: Study

By Louise Reid

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Whey plus HMB boosts recovery more than whey alone: Study

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Adding the amino acid derivative beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) and the disaccharide sweetener isomaltulose to whey protein powder improves recovery from demanding exercise, researchers have found.

The EAS Sports Nutrition-funded study saw a reduction in indirect markers: muscle damage, reductions in muscle soreness and improved physical performance in the HMB group compared to the control group on whey protein powder alone. The study was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition​.

HMB is a metabolite of leucine, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) found in whey protein.

Muscle recovery benefits

Steve Hertzler, PhD, senior research scientist and chief scientific officer at EAS emphasised to NutraIngredients that the overall macronutrient profile of the diets of the subjects was controlled – I.e. the treatment and control groups received the same macronutrient and energy intake, including what was provided in the supplement. 

“This highlights the importance of getting the right nutrients to the muscles at the right time to promote better recovery.”

He added: “Because full muscle recovery has many components - energy provision, reduction of muscle protein breakdown, decreasing oxidative stress, increasing muscle protein synthesis, decreasing inflammation, etc - there are multiple points where appropriate sports nutrition can benefit recovery​.” 

Study details

Thirteen resistance-trained men took part in the double-blinded, counterbalanced, within-group study and ingested a whey protein, HMB, and isomaltulose supplement or just whey protein twice daily before, during, and following three consecutive days of intense resistance exercise. Treatment outcomes were evaluated using blood-based muscle damage markers and hormones, perceptual measures of muscle soreness, and countermovement jump performance.

Results showed that when high loads and short periods are used during high-frequency resistance exercise, the addition of HMB and slow-release carbohydrate to whey protein is more effective at promoting recovery than whey protein alone. 

Sensory issues

HMB has typically been incorporated into ready-to-drink liquid nutritionals and powders. Its adverse sensory properties (odour and flavour) make it somewhat difficult to work with, according to Hertzler, limiting its potential for fortification in a broader range of products, such as bars.


The EAS Recovery Protein product in question contained a blend of fast-digesting maltodextrin, slowly digesting isomaltulose and waxy maize, provide energy for muscle recovery. 

The study was conducted by the Department of Human Sciences, The Ohio State University and the Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology, The University of Connecticut.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recently published a position paper on HMB in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition​  as a nutritional supplement. For more information, please click here​.

Source: Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Published online, 11 March 2015, Volume 34, Issue 2, 2015, Pages 91-99

doi: 10.1080/07315724.2014.938790

The Addition of Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate and Isomaltulose to Whey Protein Improves Recovery from Highly Demanding Resistance Exercise.

Authors: William J. Kraemer et al

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underlying causes ...

Posted by Dr.K.J.Seelig,

unfortunately sb. sabotaged the data of my entry as suspected intent of suppression ?
the first here was issued and sent as accepted on 5.Nov.2015, 14.10 h, the second about half hour later same day, but is documented as entered on 1.Jan 1970
to be hidden in the old forgotten archives (as predicted method of falsification of archives by Orson Welles in his Book "1984"

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Re: the underlying causes ...

Posted by Dr.Klaus J.Seeligkjs.dps@,

As the papyrus-producing Photosynthesis of the Younger Savannah-plants (C4-type plants). have a different sugar containing more heavy organic ISOTOPEs
the metabolism of all cells in all organs of all forest-related organisms have to react to the newly induced demand for "more energy". needed for processing
the heavy sticky parts of the naturally seldom or rare sorts of Hydrogen, Nitrogen,Carbon and Oxygen. The C4_products are slightly but significantly enriched
by just these in their Sugars, Proteins and Lipids and so are the animals (even more enriched) if fed for weight gain and increased secretion via their normal paths for excretion as for fibers and water, but also milk and body-parts and future life of same sort. (eggs, baby-youngsters etc).
As the information how to buildup C4_products can now legally be put into the old C3_producing plants and the Consumers are left without info about the real
significance of that new sort, we are experiencing a global experiment, which can be seen on cats,dogs, cows, pigs, and humans alike:
too much of the heavy energy-demanding substrates offered leave the trace in the body : MRT of fat of grassfed animals vary as destinctly from Cornfed as the
MRT of vegans varies from obese diabetics with history of Meat, Chocolate, Beer, Mazzola-Baked fructose-sweetened goodies etc.pop
As proteins of such heavy fed-animals is metabolized, the Light Nitrogen,cut off can be excreted easier, the heavier rests in gout, stones and joint pain behind.
Idem, that molecule of protei-substrate stays behind as" 'heavy fat expecting sufficient light carbohydrates for burning'" resting behind as brown fat or "VAT".
As the un-informed consumer eats what he desires and laws don't forbid making consumers 'aw-dicted' s/he eats and consumes all "as advertised goody".Medical research sponsored to find results for the therapy can & may not be interested to find "underlying causes" which might abolish necessity of pill or cream or jab-shot.
So Long as Research goes on best paid in the bright light of main-stream Big Business the underlying causes stay hidden in the dust under the hedges.

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the underlying causes of many 'pathologic health-phenomena'

Posted by Dr.Klaus J.Seelig' Trier-de,

will not be recognized by researching in the bright light of main-streets lamps, but in the covered-up and stowed-away basis of the dust-analysis.
The riddle will only be solved, if medical research does not refuse to step into the detailed research of "ISO-SCAPE" .
Plants eldest Metabolism is of C3-type (plans ton - algae - land plants of forest and all mammals derived from there.
the healthy and fertile and happy metabolism of all life is depending on the C3_Metabolism where "F'ats are burned in the fire of Carbohydrates".
Once tested with heavy substrates will leave some of the "normally seldom occurring heavy particles' as trace in their body-mass.
As long as the heavy and sticky substrates are not offered in excess, (> 20% !) the Metabolism may cope with all.

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