New review details mechanisms of action for Robuvit French oak wood extract

By Danielle Masterson

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French oak wood extract Robuvit has been used for a number of health benefits, ranging from sports nutrition to healthy aging. With over 20 published studies under their belt, Horphag Research, the exclusive supplier of Robuvit, is now detailing the mechanisms of action that allow this ingredient to effectively work at a cellular level.

Derived from the Quercus Robur​ species of oak, Robuvit is a blend of antioxidants, ellagitannins, and a unique source of roburins, bioflavonoids.

A new review article published in the Journal of Medicinal Food​ outlined the science behind Robuvit’s ability to affect cellular mitochondria and ribosomes, showing how this antioxidant can increase energy, improve sports performance and naturally detox the body.

“Understanding these core mechanisms of action of Robuvit is an exciting step toward showing how this powerful antioxidant works and realizing the breadth of benefits it can offer,”​ said Franziska Weichmann, manager of scientific communications and product development at Horphag Research. 

“This is the first time we have outlined the mechanisms of action behind these core benefits for natural energy, sports performance and detox. Understanding these processes will help our team and researchers recognize other potential benefits and use cases for Robuvit that warrant future studies,”​ added Weichmann, who is also first author on the study.

Mechanisms of action

The new review article details the mechanisms of action behind Robuvit that provide its known benefits, including: 

  • Potentiates cellular mitochondria and ribosomes 
  • Improves energy and muscle protein synthesis 
  • Decreases oxidative stress 

The research details how Robuvit impacts the mitochondria through its metabolite, urolithin A, which is an activator of mitophagy, a process in which mitochondria are rejuvenated. Mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses that generate energy for the body, become less efficient as we age, resulting in reduced energy, as well as lower physical and mental performances. 

Robuvit supplementation leads to urolithin A generation in the body and new mitochondria are assembled to provide more energy.

According to the authors, “Robuvit has the potential of increasing mitochondrial renewal (mitophagy) via the metabolite urolithin A. Urolithin B, another of Robuvit’s metabolites, has been shown to be a regulator of skeletal muscle mass, enhancing growth and differentiation of myotubes. In addition, Robuvit has the potential of decreasing oxidative stress. It was also shown to increase ribosomal protein expression as well as mitochondrial gene expression.”

Weichmann told us that previous research on Robuvit has consistently shown basic cellular mechanisms of action for supporting cellular mitochondria and ribosomes, improving muscle protein synthesis and reducing oxidative stress.

The role of Urolithin

“This review article analyzed years of research and confirmed our hypotheses on how Robuvit provides so many benefits. It was surprising to see that the concentration of urolithins in subjects supplementing with Robuvit was increasing over time. Urolithins are the bioactive metabolites of the ellagitannins in Robuvit that are responsible for many beneficial effects of Robuvit. This suggests that a long term supplementation with Robuvit increases the positive effect it has on the body,”​ she explained.

Weichmann said that Robuvit is a natural option for anyone experiencing high levels of oxidative stress and less energy. She pointed to a recent study​ that found that Robuvit is beneficial for restoring vigor in older individuals who may be experiencing high levels of oxidative stress, decreased energy and activity, and lack of enthusiasm. Subjects who supplemented with Robuvit over the four-week period showed a 55% increase in energy and 75% improvement in activity level. 

“This is certainly an area that may be explored further considering the significant benefits Robuvit provides,”​ Weichmann said. 

She added that the Horphag team is eager to continue exploring new categories of research that expand upon these findings. 

Source: Journal of Medicinal Food 

00 (0) 2021, 1–11 DOI: 10.1089/jmf.2020.0165

“Review of Clinical Effects and Presumed Mechanism of Action of the French Oak Wood Extract Robuvit”

Authors: F. Weichmann et al. 


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