SiS optimises carb intake with new Beta Fuel range

By Nikki Hancocks

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SiS Beta Fuel sachet
SiS Beta Fuel sachet

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Science in Sport (SiS) has launched a new enhanced Beta Fuel range designed to allow endurance athletes to increase their carb intake through optimised maltodextrin and fructose ratios.

Designed especially for endurance exercise in excess of 2.5 hours, the new formulations allow endurance athletes to increase their carbohydrate intake to the recommended 80-120g per hour in order to maintain blood glucose levels and prevent fatigue.

The products use a new ratio of maltodextrin and fructose to optimise carbohydrate delivery and utilisation during exercise whilst minimising gastrointestinal issues.

The combination of these ingredients - in a ratio of 1:0.8, improved from 2:1- is key as the transportation of nutrients across the intestinal wall is a rate limiting factor in

SiS lemon and lime gel
Beta Fuel gel

Different types of carbohydrates have different transporters to carry glucose from the gut to the blood, with the maximum rate of a single carbohydrate source such as maltodextrin being around 60 g per hour. carbohydrate oxidation during exercise.

Fructose has a different transporter than glucose, meaning a dual source formulation allows for greater carbohydrate delivery to the muscles during exercise, therefore increasing how much carbohydrate the body can use.

Studies have found the new ratio of these ingredients can: Enhance total exogenous carbohydrate oxidation by 17%, enhance mean power output during 10 maximal sprint efforts

 by 3%, increase the percentage of ingested carbohydrate oxidised from 62% to 74%, and reduce symptoms of stomach fullness and nausea compared to the 2:1 ratio.

The new Beta Fuel powder solution, available in three flavours, contains 80g of carbohydrate, in a neutral pH formula still maintaining the signature isotonic format to minimise gastrointestinal issues.

SIS chew
Beta Fuel chews

SiS recommends mixing one serving (82g) with 500-600ml of water for consumption at 20 minute intervals. 

The Beta Fuel gels - which come in four flavours, with two nootropic variants - contain 40g of carbohydrate. The nootropics gels

 contains an added 1g of the amino acid L-taurine, 250mg Cognizin to enhance information processing as well as 200mg caffeine and 200mg of the amino acid L-theanine, which has been shown to reduce feelings of caffeine ‘jitters’ while increasing subjective feelings of alertness.

SiS recommends consuming a maximum of one nootropic gel serving per day.

Available in orange of lemon flavour, the Beta Fuel Chew bars provide 46g per serving. They can be eaten as a bar or broken into individual squares offering 7g of carbs each.

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