Get up and go: bioniq deep in personalisation mix as ‘GO’ products a hit for startup

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Fresh from acquiring university spin-off LOEWI, London-based personalised supplement firm bioniq is not resting on its laurels as the start-up talks to NutraIngredients about the launch of bioniq GO.

Founded in 2019, bioniq have made great strides in the personalisation sector, no more so than its ‘GO’ concept, a product that relies on three million proprietary biochemical data points to provide an individual formula based on a questionnaire.

“We understood that not everyone has the opportunity to give blood samples at the beginning of their health journey, so we set out on a mission to make health even more accessible and actionable for everyone,”​ explains bioniq, founded by former German national team basketball player Vadim Fedotov and Doctor Konstantin Karuzin.

“bioniq gathered more than 50 000 blood tests from over 30 000 clients and 25 medical publications and collected over three million proprietary biochemical data points resulting in the world's largest continuous health check-up database.

“This allowed us to introduce bioniq GO. Our newest product uses our clinically proven data to assess each individual's needs without the initial need for a blood test.”

World’s most personalised supplements?

The three million data points has led to bioniq to claim the supplements are the ‘World’s most-personalised supplements.’

When pressed, bioniq reveals the bioniq system and algorithm updates itself regularly, based on the results received from the historical results.

This allows bioniq to continue to personify and customise the results for each individual by using the data from over three million biochemical proprietary data points, making those products the most personalised ones on the market.

To go into more detail, the data points from the 50 000 blood tests allows bioniq to assess individual needs without an initial blood test.

All supplement components are selected individually after the customer fills out a questionnaire resulting personalisation 200,000 times higher than similar products on the market.

Bioniq then runs the results through its database and system to create a personalised micronutrient formula that consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and prebiotics.

bioniq GO formulas include up to 34 components with up to 10 million possible combinations – all are clinically proven to be safe and highly efficient. bioniq GO is available for the price of €59 (£49) per month.”

Data aggregation and digitalisation

"We believe the future of medicine lies in data aggregation and digitalisation of health monitoring creating unique tools for a disease-free population,” ​says Vadim Fedotov, CEO and Co-founder of bioniq.

“The data on health outcomes we’ve been gathering for three years will allow us to make health more proactive and accessible.

“With the launch of bioniq GO we strive to offer the best level of personalisation for non-blood test supplements in the industry, and with every new blood sample our system will improve and become more effective, making the bioniq GO formula even more efficient.”

Bionia are adamant there is a market for their services, in an age where the toll of modern lifestyle and ageing is having more of an impact on human health. A personalised approach, the bioniq team say, may be the key to lifting that burden off achieving mental and physical wellbeing.

“People come to bioniq for anti-ageing purposes, improving their minds and optimising their physique,”​ they say.

“After doing our comprehensive blood tests, 32% of our clients found out that they have conditions that required immediate medical attention that they knew nothing about.

“This is why preventive health is crucial for a long and healthy life because it allows you to catch things early and treat them much easier,” ​bioniq adds.

“To live longer, we need to start taking care of ourselves and treat illness as early as possible, but it’s important to remember that there is no one solution - if you have a bad diet and don’t lead an active lifestyle, you won’t be healthy.”

Initial scepticism

Like all start-ups, the road to success has not been an easy one, especially in the personalised nutrition sector, an emerging discipline that still has its sceptics and naysayers, who are dismissive of its future.

In response, Bioniq explains that one of the challenges was the market response to food supplements, that in general, was “different” ​to say the least.

“Especially in the medical field, we have received lots of initial negative feedback because they were not sure about the benefits of the food supplementation that we provide.

“Before working with us, the medical institutions reviewed the medical publications written by peer-reviewed medical experts based on bioniq's data. After reviewing the publications and trying our product, they integrated with us.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of scepticism towards the significance of the benefit that personalised micronutrients could provide.

“The second challenge was the regularity of the blood tests that had to be done - regularity is crucial to monitoring people because typical intervals of one blood test per year are not enough to create a trend to understand better what goes on inside a person's body.”

LOEWI on board

The past has taught the UK firm valuable lessons and hold them in good stead for the future. With LOEWI on board, the team at bioniq remain open to sector developments that allow them to expand on future services and products.

“We will certainly review our product lineup while reviewing the product LOEWI has provided historically to its clients and its potential for integrating their product features into our product line,”​ they say.

“At the same time, offering bioniq’s wide product lineup to existing clients in the region where LOEWI was primarily working.”

“LOEWI is already established in key markets, like the DACH region and the Netherlands,” the team adds. “bioniq strives to support people's health and educate them on why personalisation is necessary and explain that health does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. LOEWI shares that goal with us.”

Along with LOEWI’s integration with local partners, research institutions, and local suppliers and providers, this allows bioniq to create new partnerships with additional datasets and improve its services based on client needs.

“bioniq strives to become the leading global health platform, so geographical expansion is key for us.

“LOEWI'S client base and potential for scale and growth means bioniq can accumulate more data and make our products even more personalised,” ​bioniq adds.

“LOEWI's finger-prick testing technology lets us see how well it works and makes our services more accessible.”

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