RCT: Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplement significantly improves memory within 30 days

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A randomised, double blinded, placebo-controlled trial has concluded the nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro, containing 11 active ingredients, significantly improved memory within four weeks of daily supplementation.

The University of Leeds (UK) study, involving 49 healthy individuals, concluded that the participants who took the supplement significantly improved in all memory subtests assessed (p​ < 0.05) whilst the control group only significantly improved in auditory memory and immediate recall (p​ = 0.004 and p​ = 0.014 respectively). Plus a significant difference in immediate and delayed recall (DR) was also found between the control and experimental group (p​ = 0.005 and 0.034 respectively). 

The research, funded by Mind Lab Pro parent company Opti Nutra, concludes: "This study demonstrates that there are potential benefits to memory in taking a nootropic- in this instance Mind Lab Pro. Memory significantly improved in all areas of memory assessed by the WMS-IV UK for the experimental group... Immediate and DR are often view as important aspects of memory as they are associated with remembering names and places and where we have put objects such as car keys."

Lead researcher Andrea Utley, from the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, explains this study was a follow-up to a previous paper​, published in March, on the impact of this supplement on reaction times, which garnered equally positive results.

Speaking about the most recent study she told NutraIngredients: “I was quite surprised by these results because I can be quite cynical about whether supplements actually work but this company is very open to testing their product and checking they can deliver results.”

Discussing which of the active ingredients are likely to provide the witnessed benefits, Utley says this is something she would like to delve into further.

“I would love to know which are the most effective of the 11 active ingredients and whether the full 11 are needed in order to attain these results.

“I would also be interested to see if people who are older gain better benefits than younger people because younger people tend to have a better base line, so the potential for improvement is less."

Speaking about future studies on the supplement, she adds: “We’ve just started a third study with this supplement looking at what brain activity there is pre- and post-supplementation when doing memory and decisions making tasks. This will allow us to see if there are not just behavioural changes, but neurological changes.”

Nootropic research

Nootropics are substances believed to have the capacity to enhance cognition in humans, specifically memory, focus and attention. Studies have been conducted on several nootropic products, reporting benefits in memory, attention, learning, and executive function. Solomon et al.​ demonstrated benefits to memory of taking the nootropic supplement 'Alpha Brain', with the emphasis on verbal recall.

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 scientifically-backed active ingredients, including 150 mg of Bacopa monnieri, found to enhance cognitive function​ by facilitating dendritic branching and pruning. It is also said to improve memory, focus and attention in the elderly and enhance cognitive function in the younger population. Studies have also reported benefits to immediate recall (IR) and working memory from taking B. monnieri​.

Mind Lab Pro also contains 250 mg of Citicoline,​ a substance found to improve memory​ by increasing specific hormonal levels and activate biosynthesis in the central nervous system to protect cell membranes in healthy and unhealthy populations.

Other ingredients such as Lion's Mane Mushroom (500 mg), and Phosphatidylserine have also been found to improve memory and attention​ in a variety of contexts for a range of healthy and unhealthy populations. 

Studies looking at the impact of taking Rhodiola rosea​ in healthy populations have found positive benefits to short term memory. Other ingredients such as L-Theanine​ and Maritime pine bark extract​ and N-Acetyl​ also report improvement in cognitive functions and memory in healthy adults​. 

Mind Lab Pro also contains vitamins B6, B9 and B12 which support multiple functions within the central nervous system​. 

The study

In the new Uni of Leeds study, participants aged between 20 and 68 years (mean age of 31.4 ± 14.4), were randomly assigned to experimental (n=36) or control group (n=13) ensuring both groups were evenly matched in terms of age, gender and socio-economic group.

Each participant completed the WMS-IV UK Fourth UK Edition pre and post taking either the Mind Lab Pro supplement or placebo for 30 days. The test includes subcategories of memory including: AM, visual memory (VM), visual working memory (VWM), immediate recall (IR) and delayed recall (DR).

It was found that there was a significant improvement in all subcategories of memory using the WMS-IV UK for the experimental group taking Mind Lab Pro (AM: p​ < 0.001, VM: p​ < 0.001, VWM: p​ = 0.038, IR: p​ < 0.001, DR: p​ < 0.001). In addition, the significance of the change for the experimental group was more marked in IR and DR.

Discussing limitations of the study, the researchers note there may be a learning effect when using the WMS-IV UK for reassessment after one month and there are some questions around validity of some aspects of the test used​.

The report states: "However, it is still encouraging that the experimental group showed significant improvement in all aspects of memory assessed by the WMS-IV UK. It would have been useful to gain more in depth dietary and lifestyle information about the participants and to increase the number of participants."

Source: Human Psychopharmacology


"Efficacy of the nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro on memory in adults: Double blind, placebo-controlled study"

Authors: Abbott-Imboden​, C., Gonzalez​, Y., and Utley​, A.,

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