NutraCast: Bloodwork, questionnaires and AI: The winning formula for precision nutrition?

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By Danielle Masterson

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NutraCast: Bloodwork, questionnaires and AI: The winning formula for precision nutrition?

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“Stop guessing which mass-made supplements to take. None are meant for you.”
–That’s a statement from Bioniq’s website, a company that offers personalized supplements using a patented algorithm. The London-based startup opened its doors in 2019 and launched in the U.S. just a few months ago.

Bioniq leverages a patented algorithm based on blood test data from more than 40,000 people across four million biochemical data points to create a tailored supplement regime. GO formulas include up to 34 components with up to 10 million possible combinations.

"At Bioniq, I think what we're doing is taking all that guesswork out of the equation," explained Marni Allen, chief marketing officer at Bioniq.

"Our flagship product Bioniq Pro starts with a blood test. So getting a blood sample taken and really understanding what your personal micronutrient deficiencies are today gives you a huge window into why you might be feeling low energy or why you might be seeing your hair thinning or your nails thinning, why you might be suffering from sleeplessness. It's really the root cause and the way that you could address multiple different health conditions or goals just by understanding what's going on in your body. And so being able to translate that knowledge into a solution and that's what we do at Bioniq once we have your blood sample, we look at all of your deficiencies and with all of our years of research, we know based on your level of any given nutrient, how much you need based on your BMI, your age, your physical activity levels, how much we need to put in your personalized supplement to actually help you achieve an optimal level."  

As time goes and more data is collected from users across the globe, Allen said the algorithm continues to improve. 

"The more blood data we get, the richer our ability is to translate even just questionnaire responses into a super personalized formula," she said. "So I think it's only going to get more sophisticated over time and that's sort of our daily quest, to make the products better and better and more accessible to more people."

Allen added that the company’s globalization drive involves working with more partners in the U.S. such as affiliates, nutritionists, personal trainers, gyms, nutrition coaches and those who have a wide influence. 

To hear more on Bioniq, how it works and the future of precision nutrition, listen to the NutraCast.

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