NutraCast: Do you know about ‘Asian Glow’? Alcohol flush reaction, explained

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NutraCast: Do you know about ‘Asian Glow’? Alcohol flush reaction, explained

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We’ve all heard of dairy or gluten intolerances, but what about alcohol intolerance? If you’re of Asian descent, this likely isn’t breaking news. But if not, there is a genetic mutation that causes what is known as alcohol flush reaction, and it impacts an estimated 45% of East Asians. Despite its prevalence, there aren’t many solutions in the marketplace besides antihistamines. However, one brand is hoping to change that.

"Asian glow or alcohol flush reaction is a condition where people experience flushing or redness in their face, in their body, heart palpitations, sometimes nausea and dizziness after consuming alcohol," explained Raylen Margono, founder of Ando.

"People with this condition are usually found to be of East Asian descent. They can really affect anyone from any ethnic background as long as they have that mutation that basically [makes them] unable to metabolize alcohol and have a buildup of toxic compounds called acetaldehyde. Most people can effectively metabolize it, but people with this condition and myself included, have a lot of trouble doing that."

As a result of his own experience with alcohol flush reaction, Margono created Ando, a gummy that tackles the intolerance with ingredients like dihydromyricetin (DHM), quercetin, alpha lipoic acid and bromelain. The gummies can be taken 30 minutes before consuming alcohol.

However, when Margono first began presenting the idea to potential R&D vendors, he was met with silence. 

“I realized that they had no idea what I was talking about and had to launch into explaining this in detail," he said. "And I kind of realized, I'm living in my own little world and that this a big part of my life and a big part of life for my community, but there isn't a lot of awareness for folks that are not in the community around this condition."

Pre-orders for Ando gummies​ are now available ahead of the official launch in February. For NutraCast listeners, Ando is offering 20% off using the coupon GLOW20, which expires in June 30, 2024. 

To hear more about ingredient selection and the R&D process for Ando Gummies, listen to the NutraCast.

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