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Probiota 2021 Digital Summit

Probiota transitioned into an online event for 2021. The digital summit line-up featured the core issues affecting the business of the microbiome starting with European Regulatory Opportunities for the Next Decade​. The two-hour broadcast consisted of panel discussions and audience interactivity with insights on the changing regulatory landscape concerning probiotic and prebiotic development.

The following broadcast took the opportunity to look Beyond The Gut​, with a session that discussed microbiome advancement away from the gut and into areas like bone/joints, the brain, sleep and mood. The three-day line-up finished off with a glimpse into Pre & Probiotics Futures​, with a look at possible directions research may take as the world looks to the microbiome as a solution to 2020’s global disruption.

The topics for this event included:

  • European Regulatory Opportunities for the Next Decade
  • Beyond the Gut
  • Pre & Probiotics Futures

The Probiota 2021 digital summit is now available on-demand and is free to register.

European Regulatory Opportunities for the Next Decade

09 Feb 2021
Local: GMT

Beyond The Gut

10 Feb 2021
Local: GMT

Pre & Probiotics Futures

11 Feb 2021
Local: GMT

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