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Nutritious, low-sugar confectionery that still hits the spot

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Nutritious, low-sugar confectionery that still hits the spot

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The recommendation to lower our everyday sugar intake is a global trend. On average, 59% of people say they avoid sugary foods, or are actively reducing their sugar consumption.1​ Brands that can deliver naturally sweet, great-tasting products with reduced sugar are poised to take advantage of this shift in consumer thinking.


Introducing GrainSweet - a range of carbohydrates with wide recognition and acceptance. With GrainSweet, ADM is helping brands meet consumer, manufacturer and regulatory needs. For example, ADM’s liquid maltodextrin is easier to handle than dry maltodextrin, has no maximum daily intake and has similar functionality to glucose syrup.

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Natural sweetness meets nutritional value

The above mix of characteristics enables brands to retain a similar taste and texture while reducing sugar. In a 2019 survey of over 1,000 people, two-thirds of people said the sugar content in sweets makes them worry about how much they eat. This has led to consumers actively seeking out reduced sugar options, with many reading packaging to ensure the products they buy contain natural ingredients and are lower in sugar.2

A growing number of countries including France and Germany are trying to help consumers by adopting Nutri-Score, a simple labelling system for displaying the a nutritional rating for food products.3​ The rise of the labelling system is underpinned by the intention that it will lead consumers to make healthier choices.4-6​ Products that score A or B, the healthy end of the scale, on the Nutri-Score stand to have an advantage over products at the higher, orange, end of the scale.

Innovating to meet shifting demands

The effectiveness of GrainSweet liquid maltodextrin in this area is illustrated by its application to jellies. ADM found that replacing glucose syrup with GrainSweet liquid maltodextrin in combination with dietary fiber resulted in a sugar reduction of 38% while adding 5.1g of fiber per 100g. This change improved the jellies’ Nutri-Score from a D to a B, enabling confectionery brands to provide a standout label that appeals to consumers’ desire for healthier options and demonstrating the value ADM adds for its partners.

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With GrainSweet liquid maltodextrin, ADM is demonstrating its commitment to continually updating its portfolio to meet the changing needs of confectionery brand owners and their customers. With it, brands can deliver a naturally sweet taste in low or no sugar products, as well as the clean labels and improved Nutri-Score results consumers demand.

As the need for healthier sweetness plays an increasingly important role in product success, ADM’s unparalleled portfolio and drive towards continued innovation in this area make it the natural choice as a sweetening solutions partner.

To find out more about ADM’s GrainSweet portfolio, and how we can create products and solutions to suit your needs, click the banner below.


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