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Discover Maximum Nutrient Delivery. Try the PureWay™ Range

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Discover Maximum Nutrient Delivery. Try the PureWay™ Range

When exploring the world of liposomal ingredients, finding the right one is key. Our PureWay™ range stands out by utilising a genuine liposomal technology, Liposomax™​ which optimises delivery, absorption, and uptake for superior efficacy. 

Take your Vitamin C finished products to the next level with PureWay-C®​ Liposomal.​ Choose from PureWay™ Vitamin B-Complex, PureWay™ Vitamin D3 or PureWay™ Multi Vitamin and benefit from the EFSA Approved Health Claims related to tiredness & fatigue, nervous & psychological function, skin, immunity and much more. 

Or how about PureWay™ Glutathione, PureWay™ Melatonin or PureWay™ Quercetin? Glutathione plays a key role in the liver detoxification, while according to research, Melatonin aids in sleep and Quercetin supports blood sugar management and cardiovascular health. Liposomax™ assists in improving absorption, especially for ingredients that may face challenges due to their nature, specific human health conditions, or the aging process. 

To learn more about these ingredients and their benefits, please leave your details to delve into the technology behind Liposomax™ and explore the benefits of the PureWay™ range. 

PureWay™ range is owned by One Innovation Labs and distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition.

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