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Pronativ® | An Essential Nutrient-Rich Protein

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Pronativ® | An Essential Nutrient-Rich Protein

Differentiate your protein product with a nutrient-rich protein ingredient.
Pronativ®​ native whey protein, produced by Lactalis Ingredients, is minimally processed and scientifically proven to optimize muscle function and protein synthesis. Worldwide experts provide scientific data that explores the different ways in which nutrient-rich protein products can improve the quality of life of athletes and active lifestyle consumers.

Here’s what our experts touch on:

  • Which proteins positively impact protein synthesis and muscle function.
  • How minimal processing affects protein quality.
  • How the body works with a more efficient protein.
  • How a smaller Pronativ®​ protein intake can improve the quality of life.
  • How to incorporate Pronativ®​ into the food matrix.

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